East Brunswick Dental Studio :
573 Cranbury Road,
Suite A-1,
East Brunswick, NJ 08816

We are a state of the art practice committed to providing you with
most dental services all under one roof.
Preventive Dentistry including sealants, white tooth-colored fillings
Periodontal Therapy-scalings, gum and bone surgery, antibiotics
Orthodontics - Invisalign (Clear Braces)
Dentures (Full and Partial)(traditional and flexible valplast)
Crowns and Bridges
Implant Dentistry- including graft procedures
Oral Surgery including wisdom tooth extractions
In-office one visit Advanced Power Zoom bleaching procedures
Latest Waterlase MD for Laser Dentistry
Digital Radiography for less radiation and optimal patient comfort

Professional Dental Cleanings
Emergency Same Day Visits
Painless Laser Dentistry
In-house financing with interest free plan .
Most major credit cards accepted
Please bring this coupon on your first visit to receive $25 off
the Flex Sonicare 2-brush head powerbrush with a built-in
2-minute timer (regular fee $145)
(when you get a Comprehensive Oral Evaluation and Dental
   (732) 613-1931
Compliments of Dr. Genevieve Fernandes .
Coupon expires 03/21/2015)
Bring a friend or family member and each will qualify for an
In-Office Zoom Advanced Power  Whitening Special of $399.
(Regular Fee $ 799)
Hurry. Offer expires 03/21/2015.
         Winter 2016 Specials
East Brunswick Dental Studio Patients
Zoom Bleaching: $ 399
Sonicare deals: Buy one at $145, get $25
off the second.
Invisalign: Refer a family or friend who
starts Invisalign and get a $ 25 gift card.
Better Invisalign deal: Start Invisalign in
Jan/ February 2016 and get a complimentary
Sonicare (cannot be combined with any
other Invisalign special)
Implant Special:$25 gift
     (732) 613-1931
       Dr. Genevieve Fernandes  
Before Invisalign
After Invisalign
Old Silver Fillings
New Composite Fillings
Fractured Tooth
Bonded tooth after fracture
The benefits of lasers

There are many benefits of using lasers:

They are much quieter than a dental drill.
They are very precise, so there is minimal
impact on oral tissues.
They're gentle and generally painless, so they
often require little or no anesthesia.
They can minimize bleeding and swelling, and
speed the healing of gum tissues.
They reduce the risk of infection by
decontaminating the affected areas.

Come in for a gingival reshaping or recontouring
or gingivectomy procedure with laser and you
can get $500 off the total cost of veneers on
upper six front teeth. Most insurance plans now
cover periodontal surgeries, and allowing us to
perform the procedure with laser will ensure the
most comfortable and best result.

Come on and give us a call as we do it all!
For gorgeous smiles: